Why we started Moonpeel

When people ask where the idea of Moonpeel came from, we inevitably recall the dinner we had with artist friends about three years ago. One of our friends mentioned that he had no trouble finding a nearby soulmate on a dating website, yet he had great difficulty in finding a local scriptwriter and a musician for his next short film.


This analogy didn’t fall onto deaf ears, as we already knew we wanted to create a website to simplify the lives of artists. As an actor, like most of my fellows, I struggled to become known outside my circle of friends as well as promoting myself in a simple and efficient manner.

I knew that many websites already existed. The problem was that they were focused only on one type of art, limited to one country or not well-suited to artistic promotion. However, we were using them because there was nothing else on the market.

In most cases, the aim of artists is to make a living with their art and to focus exclusively on their career rather than wasting time and energy trying to become experts in communication and marketing to promote themselves. Promotion might be an art, but it isn’t our art.

Why then as artists do we not have tools to support us, find faster solutions to our problems and meet the people who will help us reach our goals?

We deserve better.

Later that evening, my brother Gaëtan and I went for a walk for several hours and spoke again about this comparison with dating websites.

If millions of people can find their match online, why not offer the same kind of services to all types of artists so they can meet and collaborate with each other? Meet and be represented by agents? Be discovered and hired by recruiters?

We were on the right track, but we also needed to develop a simple and intuitive website that could be used as a multimedia platform, giving users a la carte menu allowing them to watch videos and pictures, listen to music, read stories, find events, courses, etc.

The next day, we went from idea to action, and ever since, we have continued to work to help artists; providing information and useful tools to connect them to the right people in order to help them succeed in a multidisciplinary environment without geographical boundaries.

We hope that Moonpeel now helps artists all around the world focus on their craft and simplifies the whole journey for everyone.

We warmly invite you to join us.

Christophe & Gaëtan

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Photo was taken by Arnaud Marlone

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